We seek to distinguish our salon as an environmentally friendly and COVID-19 free salon.

We'll do our best to encourage recycling and minimise plastic waste, for example, we'll use our salon gowns instead of using disposable gowns and use an Oximeter and a temperature gun.

Prior to book your appointment please read our commitment for health and safety. 






✔ We have undertaken a thorough review of our salon and services

✔ We have rearranged the salon space to adhere to social distancing guidelines

✔ Every surface will be cleaned regularly and wiped with the appropriate sanitiser between each appointment

✔ All items of equipment will be disinfected before and after every service

✔ Gowns and towels will be washed after each customer at all times

✔ We will ensure adequate ventilation throughout the salon with doors and windows open where possible

✔ We will extend opening hours and divide our teams into shifts in July to ensure we retain social distancing policy



✔ All team members are trained to care for our customers in a safe, hygienic and professional manner

✔ Staff have been briefed to not attend the salon if they have a temperature, or are feeling unwell or if any person in their household is unwell or is self-isolating



✔ We have reviewed our service menu and removed any that we feel will be unsafe at this time

✔ Our team will wear gloves, masks or face shields and aprons on the salon floor and all team members will wash their hands before and after every client interaction

✔ PPE will be replaced after every client

✔ In-salon consultations will be done at the styling station and via the mirror to minimise face-to-face interaction

✔ There might be an extra charge for our service if the procedure takes longer than the booked service (e.g. restyle haircut, men's haircut takes longer than 45 mins, regrowth more than 3cm)

✔ A deposit will be required for some selected services.


✔ We will not be accepting walk-ins, you must pre-book (A deposit might be required for some selected services.)

✔ We will stagger customer appointment times

✔ We will greet you warmly but without a handshake or a hug

✔ Hand sanitiser must be used on entry to the salon

✔ Clients must minimise what they bring as you will be asked to keep all belongings with you

✔ We ask that clients attend their appointments alone

✔ The front door could be locked if it is required  

✔ We ask that you pay using card or cashless means where possible

✔ You will be escorted either to your stylists’ section or designated waiting area ASAP to avoid congestion in the salon

✔ Waiting areas will be arranged to adhere to social distancing



✔ Arrive at the time agreed to maximise social distancing

✔ To wear the face mask provided by us as you enter the salon (£1 will be added onto your bill. Customers can bring their own masks if they prefer. An extra disposable mask is recommended to a customer with a colouring treatment. 

✔ To wash your hands or use hand sanitisers before and after each service

✔ We will not be serving refreshments

✔ We will not have magazines in the salon

✔ To contact us and re-arrange your appointment, at no additional cost, if you have a temperature, or are feeling unwell; or if any person in your household is unwell or is self-isolating.

We are taking all employees’ and customers' temperatures and oxygen levels as they enter the premises.

If your temperature and oxygen level are normal (37.6 degrees Celsius / above 96%) you may proceed to your appointment, but if the temperature is high or oxygen level is low, then we will need to reschedule your appointment.  

✔ We are happy to discuss any of your individual concerns, please feel free to call the salon or speak with a member of the team

We reserve the right to amend or adjust these guidelines based on government policy and new research to protect the safety of all our staff and clients

Risk assessment on COVID - 19