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What is Hair Botox?

Hair Botox FAQ

What is Hair Botox?
Hair Botox is a treatment that restores deep hydration to hair. It acts directly on the internal and external structure of the hair fibre providing an intense restoration and immediate healing, sealing the cuticles and promoting the hair mirroring effect.

Is Hair Botox the same as keratin?

No, Hair Botox is not the same as keratin. The main difference between keratin and botox treatments lies in their composition and how they work to transform your hair. Keratin treatments infuse your hair with a protein called keratin to repair and strengthen it, while Hair Botox uses a blend of nutrients and ingredients to nourish and smooth out the hair shaft

How often will the treatment last?
It lasts up to 3 to 6 months. It all depends on hair types and the aftercare.

We strongly recommend Maria Nila's hair care products which are vegan, sulphate, and paraben-free 

Will my hair be dead straight after?

It depends on the client's goals. This smoothing system won't reduce the volume of clients' hair. However, for those seeking straighter results, this non-invasive technique can straighten and smooth hair more effectively than a Brazilian Blowdry.

Can I colour my hair after Hair Botox?

Yes, you can colour your hair 24 hours after the treatment. Before applying any hair dye, it needs to be washed. Please call us to discuss.

Is it any good for fine, thin hair?
It can work well for thin fine hair as it adds volume to the hair follicle.

Will it damage my hair?
It is a very moisturising treatment and leaves the hair silky and smooth. The treatment does use straightening irons to lock in the product however once you have had the treatment you will use less heat overall when styling your hair at home which in the long run will benefit your hair.

Is it safe in pregnancy?
Yes, it is safe as it doesn’t contain formaldehyde, however, we recommend it from the 3rd trimester.

What are the ingredients?
Less chemicals are used in the Ondine Hair Botox treatment (As seen on TV), making it so popular. The ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid, Pracaxi Oil, Shea Butter and Tanin Plus.

Its purpose is to cover the “holes” presented over time in hair processed by chemicals in general. Stimulates the formation of Collagen and Elastin. When it penetrates inside the hair fibre, Hyaluronic Acid promotes intense repair, rebuilds its structure and guarantees adequate hydration levels.

Repairing system that acts on the structure of the hair, recovering the hair fibre. Rich in vitamin E, it strengthens and creates a protective film on the hair.

Rich in fatty acids, it has high hydration power, ensuring shine, control and strength for the wires.

It is a polyphenol of vegetable origin in several forms. It is a natural binder that, combined with other raw materials, forms a powerful sealing agent and nutrient enhancer.

Botox Smoothing Treatment – £195 / £215 / £245

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